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About me

This is tashytown. a place where food comes to be eaten and photographed.
(but Not in that order)

Just to reiterate, I love food and photography. So, often I combine the two. Much to my boyfriend's dismay when he's desperate to tuck into his dinner. So this little place of web space is where I get to re-live the great places I've been, seen and savoured. I'm an unapologetic serial bruncher and fancy myself a bit of a Bloody Mary connoisseur. So if food and cocktails are up your street, you've come to the right place! 

Other than that, I work in branding. Which I love. I'm a brand strategist, content creator and account manager. I help companies discover their purpose and from there I will create their brand strategy, brand story and offer services such as tone of voice, copywriting - including blog posts, social media - and communications strategy. I also dabble in SEO.

I like to think I'm good with words. I got 100% in my English Literature A Level, which is an achievement I rarely mention... I went on to get a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Sheffield in English Literature and Philosophy. And more recently, got my Master of Arts with Distinction from Northumbria University in Design Management.

In my - illusive - spare time, I go to gigs, watch mind-bending films, collect independent magazines and love discovering new venues. Particularly coffee shops, markets and quirky restaurants. I'm based in Newcastle, but frequently find myself in Leeds, Manchester and London. So if you've any suggestions, I'd love to hear them! 

Whether it's words or photography you'd like to speak to me about - I'm more than happy to chat. There's a button below, just click it.

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